What are the signs you need a new website? Website building West Yorkshire
What are the signs you need a new website? Website building West Yorkshire

What are the signs you need a new website?

1. Slow load rate A slowly loading website may lead to customers abandoning it before it’s even loaded. One of the main causes of this can be it being hosted on a slow server with bottlenecks. A professional I.T company can check this and remedy it for you quickly. High quality pages are often bulky making them slow to down load. Compressing them makes them quicker to download and ultimately gives a better customer experience. Enabling browser caching of pages can reduce loading time significantly with your customer’s computer holding a temporary store of the pages they have visited. A classic fault can be over sized images being uploaded or indeed the wrong format. All these small things can turn customers off your site through a slow online experience.

2. Website isn’t mobile-friendly From 2017 a website that isn’t mobile friendly will not load properly. This will stop people looking at your website when they’re browsing on a smart phone or tablet device. In the UK smartphones have overtaking laptops as the most popular gadget for getting online. So having a mobile friendly website is a must so potential customers can view your website properly

3. Unable to add content to your website If you can’t easily add or modify your website it can become obsolete quickly. A content management system will allow you to quickly modify your websites content quickly. Personally being able to add and remove data is a far better option and will keep your website up to date.

4. Outdated site First appearances count! Sadly if the first page of your website is out of date or uninspiring, customers are unlikely to search through it looking for what they want or need. It is essential your website reflects your company core values and levels of service throughout.

5. High Bounce rate This is where consumers find your site, look at your first page then click off not going any further. They haven’t liked the look of the page or maybe not of easily found what they are looking for. Your website should be easy to navigate with a clear pathway to all areas of your site from your front page.

6. Poor Conversion rate It’s all well and good having visitors to your site but we need them to take action. Either by placing an order, phoning you for further information or sending a customer contact email. If this rate is dipping a website refresh might just do the trick. In a nut shell your website is your 21st Century shop window. It needs to be attractive, full of compelling information and above all modern and functional. If your site fails on any of these points it may be time to invest time into your online presence.

At Bextec we have a vast range of online solutions which can be tailored to the requirements of any size of business. Please give us a call to discuss website building in West Yorkshire.