Online Presence is a Must
Online Presence is a Must
Whatever scale of organisation you run, a modern functional online presence is a must.

The main consideration is to what message or function you want the website to perform.
Is it one of the following types of website you want?
1/ Brochure Website. If you need a simple website to get you started we can design you a brochure website that will meet your exact requirements. Giving basic company information and listing your services and running to 4 or 5 pages.
We don’t make it complicated. You tell us what you need, we design the site.
2/ Corporate site. This scale of site is perfect for a larger organisation which needs a more in-depth website. Built in news section and social media function makes this site perfect as a marketing tool.
3/ Ecommerce website. This site is packed full of features with the ability to monetise your goods and services. Built in shopping cart and full up-datable product sections make this a real powerful selling tool. News section ready for marketing updates ensure your social media feeds can be filled with your products and services.
Our Robust methodology means you get exactly what you need. Our website design process includes the following steps:
Planning and Discussion

Through initial meetings we provide a robust road map. Taking into account your companies online needs, branding and vision we build a concept.

Design and Development

Our team design and build a mock-up of your new website so you can get a feel for it. Main functions are coded for and a frame work built.

Feedback and Alterations

Taking on board your thoughts on the initial front page and design, we modify as needed then build the full working site.

Testing and Delivering

We load your site onto our demo server so it can be tested fully without going live. Only going live to the World Wide Web when we are all happy with its function.
Whatever your organisation, Andgate Systems can deliver a stunning, functional fully updatable website. contact us today and see what we can do for you.

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