Is Your Data Safe?
Is Your Data Safe?

Is your Data Safe?


Every organisation collects data as a matter of course. Whether is customer data, employees’ data, projects or product information this however all needs to be securely stored. Especially with the new G.D.P.R regulations, a defined legal responsibility is in place now to punish companies and organisations for incorrectly collecting and storing. I would suggest an equally compelling reason to secure all digital information is for reputational purposes. Look at poor old T.S.B who are now poorly regarded, due-to I.T issues, they will surely loose customers over the online banking debacle.

Don’t be a T.S.B and ensure your I.T infrastructure is up to date and robust. Here at Bextec we carry out comprehensive I.T support ensuring your data is protected and I.T systems work. Using the latest ant- virus software and multi layered password protection we can help lock your vital data away. Either stored on a physical server computer or on the Microsoft cloud we can advise and implement the best system for you.   Don’t give the data thieves and hackers an easy time get Bextec to install a comprehensive I.T safety net for your company.

Don’t be a T.S.B and hire a professional I.T support company today. For all your I.T support needs and website design phone us today to discuss what we can do for you.


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