Bespoke Computers West Yorkshire
Bespoke Computers West Yorkshire


Here at Bextec Cleckheaton we believe in exceptional I.T support. To this goal we build bespoke computers and bespoke laptops for our clients.

Every office and organisation has it's own unique I.T needs so we build bespoke computers focused on what you really need. We never offer an easy off the shelf option, our engineers put computers together form scrtatch using the appropriate hardware and software.  If it's graphics cards for complex design and web work we can guide you through the choice available. Or maybe you only need the basics on your machine as the computer will work from a remote server. No matter what application we can build a superb machine.

The software we load is full licenced and not the free limited trial software offered at some large national retailers. Please be wary of these big retailers and their software packages. Always ask and get in writing if its a full licence and not a trial version. If not you could be paying out £100's  as soon as the trial ends.

All our bespoke computers are built at our Cleckheaton offices by qualified engineers. We are authorised by Microsoft, McAfee, Sage and Max Focus to name but a few due to our expertise.

Why not not give us a ring or email and see if we can quote you for a bargain besoke computer or chat about general I.T support in Bradford Leeds and across West Yorkshire.